Your Next Big Idea Might be Just Around the Corner


Why Business Owners Need Downtime

Have you ever been working and had a thought and by the time it took you the 5 seconds to get the paper and pin to write down the thought it was gone?  When this happens it is a CLEAR sign to step away and take at least a few minutes of downtime.  Trust me you will be better off for it.

Our minds read and hear so much information every day. It can be hard to sift through it all, let alone remember it.  Time away from the demands of work can give your mind time to rest and rejuvenate. During non-work activities such as, resting, exercising and hobbies your head can have time to clear. One of the ways I take downtime is by taking a morning walk before I start my work day.  It’s during this time that my mind clears and I think of ideas for my business. It could be a new idea for a blog post, how to solve a clients problem or even a great dinner idea for my family.  When I am ready to start my work day, I can start with a clear mind, which usually leads to a productive day.

It’s important to remember, just because you think an activity is downtime it doesn’t mean your brain agrees.  Case in point, I recently attended a two day conference and was excited to get away from the office and the daily demands. I remember thinking how great the time away would be and how much work I would be able to tackle when back in my office. Instead, I had heard so much information over the two days that my brain was working overtime. I couldn’t remember a thought long enough to write it down. It wasn’t until I gave myself permission to step away from work and try to decompress that I started returning to my normal self!

Give yourself permission to get your next big idea!  Take a break, whether it be a 10 minute break or a full day off.  Do something to allow your mind to step away and recover from the daily demands of entrepreneurship.

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