How to put Your Dreams Into the Proper Perspective


Most of you know the story of the jar, rocks, pebbles…etc.  It’s about the priorities we set in life and how we fit these things into our lives.  The parable applies to our dreams and goals in business as well.

There is a path to follow for true success in business and it starts by setting out the big vision for our companies.  The Jar that holds these dreams and plans represents the answers to some big questions; “What do I want to accomplish?”…”Why am I doing it?”  The big rocks represent the type of company you want to be; the industry, the size and scope…your mission statement.  These first choices can set you on a path to success or failure.  Make the vision too narrow and you can’t respond to changing situations, too broad and you are stretched too thin.  Pick the wrong industry, and it won’t provide you the means to achieve your dreams.

If those decisions worry you…good, they should scare you.  The best way to overcome this fear though, is information.  The best source for this information, and how it fits with your dreams and hopes, is a Business Plan.  As you and your professional research and prepare the plan, you may realize that the business you hoped to open wasn’t a good choice or you may find a better option that fits your needs.  No matter what the case, a well thought out and researched Business Plan can help you pick the right rocks to fill your jar with.

With the rocks firmly in the jar, it’s time to pick out those pebbles.  These are the monthly, quarterly and yearly goals that we set in order to mark our path toward bigger things.  Just like the rocks, pebbles can cause problems too…it can become hard to gain traction.  What if you don’t meet some of your goals; what if you don’t get that second store front opened on time?  Or reach $50,000 in sales when you expected?  Don’t Panic!   Combined with accurate accounting and up to date financials, you should always be able to plot a course to firmer ground.

Finally comes the sand and water; the day to day grind we go through to make it all happen.  This part is on you…no one can make you be the first one in or the last to leave, except you.  But if you have the right Jar, then you can always look to it for motivation on the hard mornings.  The right rocks will give you the necessary foundation to hold firm to when those pebbles beneath your feet begin to shift.

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